Portuguese and Spanish police seize cocaine in fresh pineapples

January 19 , 2018

Portugal’s Judiciary Police recently collaborated with their Spanish counterparts to seize 745kg (1,662lbs) of cocaine hidden inside fresh pineapples from an unnamed South American country. 

As part of the investigation dubbed “Operation Japy” nine men of various nationalities were arrested.

In addition to the drugs, the police uncovered €400,000 (US$489,764) in cash as well as 10 vehicles and a clandestine lab used for adulterating and cutting the substance.

The authorities said the arrests and seizure related to a transnational organization that had repeatedly introduced “elevated quantities” of cocaine into the European market.

The investigation began in April last year and is continuing with the cooperation of authorities in different countries, the Portuguese police reported.

The police also highlighted the valuable collaboration of the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority in the investigation. 

Headline photo: www.shutterstock.com



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