Australia: Modi apple marketing to see "paradigm shift" as volumes ramp up -

Australia: Modi apple marketing to see "paradigm shift" as volumes ramp up

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Australia: Modi apple marketing to see

Freshmax Australia says volumes of the Modi apple will be "significantly higher" this year, prompting a change in the group's marketing strategy for the Italian-developed brand.

The group said the marketing campaign will see a "paradigm shift beyond traditional produce marketing and towards an integrated, highly targeted, and primarily path-to-purchase influencing campaign model."

The 2018 Modi campaign will align marketing activities closely with the consumer decision journey, focusing on the most influential touch points in the buying process, it said in a release.

The variety is grown in multiple Australian apple regions, and according to Freshmax it is "unrivaled when it comes to crunch and sweetness."

"With a strong Italian heritage, this premium brand is a vibrant red apple, encompassing a modern taste, which strikes the perfect balance in flavour, crunchiness and juiciness," the company said.

"When you combine an apple’s well-established status in Australian fruit bowls with the versatility of Modì™ for consumption on all occasions and within many recipes, it is easy to understand why the brand has gained massive popularity over the past 4 years."

Campaign Manager Sona Padman said the apple targetted an international audience that is young and likes to experiment.

"With that notion, we will be investing in consumer-driven marketing which encapsulates a mix of outdoor media, broadcast press as well as strong digital and social presence across other media channels," she said.

Group marketing manager Matthew Crouch added: "For me, our biggest goal is to explore all the different opportunities to integrate between the channels and drive messages far further and with better engagement.”

Modi will be on Coles shelves and select independent retailers across multiple states by mid-February and will be available throughout the season.

Modì in Australia is exclusively marketed by Freshmax Australia. The Freshmax Group is an Australasian-based fresh produce marketer and distributor with primary offices in Australia and New Zealand and operations around the Pacific Rim run by international arm Valley Fresh.

The company has a growing presence in the apple and pear sector managing retail programs via Freshmax’s domestic operations and export programs through Valley Fresh.

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