Mission Produce launches new packaging for imperfect avocados

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Mission Produce launches new packaging for imperfect avocados

California-based avocado company Mission Produce has launched a new product called Emeralds in the Rough, which are two- and three-pound bags of grade 2 fruit. 

The company describes these avocados as 'wonderfully wonky' and 'not quite pretty enough for the main stage.'

But it said that despite not looking as attractive as their grade 1 siblings, they still taste just as good and also have a sense of humor.

A label on the packaging reads "Second class avocados make first class taste (or toast!)

Mission says grade 2 avocados are typically sold to foodservice distributors and industrial users in bulk configurations, adding that the external scars and blemishes that contribute to an avocado's downgrade haven't been widely merchandised at retail.

However, it says that the fruit's good taste combined with rising consumer awareness and acceptance of imperfect produce means the timing is just right.

“This is agriculture and not every piece of fruit is picture perfect. We created Emeralds in the Rough to showcase how beautiful and tasty every avocado is even when it’s blemished," says marketing director Denise Junqueiro.

"We wanted the packaging to be vibrant and draw in shoppers. The copy is fun, and the design provides the ability for in-and-out promotions."

Sales director Patrick Cortes says the new product has a lot going for it, including rising consumption of imperfect fruit, a propensity for sustainable products, smart design and average lower cost.

“We see Emeralds in the Rough as a promotional item, available certain times of year when the trees have more grade 2 fruit. This will alleviate the pressure to move it only through foodservice at the times we have abundant grade 2 avocados," he says.

Meanwhile, sales and marketing vice president Brent L. Scattini says: "Emeralds in the Rough are for the savvy avocado eater who can see past the rough exterior to get to that green gold."

"With demand constantly on the rise, we are confident this bag will be a treasure for consumers and retailers alike," he said.

“This product will add to Mission’s repertoire of products that fill specific needs for our growing customer base.”


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