Moroccan citrus production set to rise in 2017-18 despite weather troubles

March 07 , 2018

Moroccan citrus volumes are expected to see a slight year-on-year rise during the current season despite concerns that excessively hot weather late last year would hinder volumes

The Moroccan citrus industry is expected to produce 2.4 million metric tons (MT) during the season running from October to June, compared to 2.33 million MT in the previous campaign, website La Vie Eco reported.

In November last year the Citrus Growers Association said high temperatures would likely result in a 15-20% crop reduction to around 2 million MT.

As of mid-February exports had totaled a little more than 450,000MT, with the figure expected to end up between 650,000-680,000MT for the season.

Around 40% of exports were shipped to the EU, with 30-35% going to Russia and a further 15-17% to North America. The local market absorbs 70% of production volumes.

Citrus Growers Association chief Ahmed Derrab reportedly said he was pleased with how national production had grown over the last decade, but noted that exports were lagging behind expectations.

He said this was partly because of stiff competition in the EU market, and explained the industry was hoping to develop African and Asian markets.

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