Japan to celebrate Jazz apple anniversary day

March 12 , 2018

Japan has declared June 28 as ‘Jazz Apple Anniversary Day’ to celebrate the date the first container of New Zealand fruit arrived in the country seven years ago, according to a release by T&G Global.

Since the first arrival, the popularity of Jazz apples has grown significantly and is now the leading premium imported apple in Japan, the company said.

The lead-up to the special anniversary day will include a celebration at the New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo on May 30 hosted by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and T&G’s country manager for the Asian country, Tatsuya Kakemoto.

“Japanese apple lovers have really embraced JAZZ™ apples and we’re looking forward to sharing this special fruit with fans and introducing it to new consumers by the marking of this special anniversary day,” he said.

The chairman of the Japan Anniversary Association, Kiyoshi Kase, will also be present at the celebration at the embassy.

Retailers in major Japanese cities will hold promotions for the apple on the anniversary day.

The Jazz season in Japan runs from May until August during which time an estimated 50 apples will be eaten every minute, T&G said.


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