U.S.: Wonderful Pistachios launches first no shells campaign

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U.S.: Wonderful Pistachios launches first no shells campaign

Wonderful Pistachios has launched its first-ever marketing campaign specifically for its No Shells brand.

The “Sometimes, Naked Is Better” campaign has some cheeky fun by covering up famous nude figures in classic works of art with outrageous clothing.

"In the end of each scenario, the artwork and its subjects are displayed in their original, ideal form, driving home the point that naked is often better. At least when it comes to classic art and snack nuts," Wonderful Company said.

The campaign will kick off with a digital video starring Venus de Milo, one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture, which is permanently displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The video humorously brings to life what happens when Venus is off the clock. After working 13-hour days, 6-days a week, Venus de Milo has little time for anything but the essentials, so naturally Wonderful Pistachios No Shells offers her an easy-to-eat snack solution that keeps her fueled on the go.

The campaign was created by Wonderful Pistachios’ in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, led by chief creative officer Darren Moran.

“Some people like to undress their Wonderful Pistachios themselves and that’s great,” said Moran.

“But if you’re on the go, or a statue that long-ago lost its appendages, having a pistachio that’s already naked is just all-around better. And you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate that.”

Wonderful Pistachios’ new campaign comes on the heels of the recent unveiling of its packaging refresh for the No Shells brand. 

“Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are popular among our consumers looking for a little convenience in their snacking and to easily use in recipes to add a little crunch and protein to their meals,” said Wonderful Company's vice president of marketing, Adam Cooper.

“Our No Shells brand has grown 40 percent over the past year to $150 million in retail sales. We are optimistic that the eye-catching new packaging and new dedicated campaign will accelerate the growth in this segment.


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