Orange production in Brazil’s citrus belt to fall by nearly a third

May 14 , 2018

Orange production in Brazil’s citrus belt is forecast to drop by almost a third during the 2018-19 season, according to an industry association.

Fundecitrus forecast volumes from the growing region in the southeastern state of Sao Paolo at 288 million boxes, which would be a 28% year-on-year drop and 11% lower than the 10-year industry average.

The decline is attributed to diseases, -mainly citrus canker and citrus greening (HLB).

Fundecitrus general manager said he expected average per-hectare yields to drop from 1,030 boxes to 762 boxes. 

He also said that the number of properties producing oranges over the last few years has shrunk by 20%.

Sao Paolo Agriculture Secretary Francisco Jardin said that although the state’s orange industry remains one of the largest in the world, the high number of abandoned groves was a concern.

He also said the industry had a desire to export more fruit.


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