French protests affecting Spanish citrus shipments to Europe

December 05 , 2018

Spain’s Citrus Management Committee (CGC) has said that the French roadblocks related to the protests over rising fuel prices are affecting shipments in the important run-up to Christmas.

The organization explained that consumption of clementines and oranges typically rises in Europe over this period.

Thousands of protesters have hit the streets in France due to a recent tax hike on fuel, causing widespread disruption.

The CGC urged the Spanish government to negotiate a safe corridor for perishable produce through France so that it can reach countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 

“The economic impact of the protests on the sector will be important, and potentially catastrophic if the suppliers are not given security in the coming dates. December is the month in which the greatest exports are made every year: between 620,000 and 700,000 metric tons (MT),” said the CGC.

It said that sea freight is also affected due to the roadblocks affecting access into ports.

“Shipments to Rotterdam … are being diverted to relevant third-party markets like Canada, China, the United States or other non-Europeans such as Norway, Finland or Iceland,” it said.




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