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Highlights from the first quarter of 2020

As we prepare for 2021, FreshFruitPortal.com invites you to check out some of the highlights from 2020!

The editorial team would like to take this opportunity to wish an excellent end of the year and happy holidays!

Please find below some of our most popular stories from January to March this year.

Opinion: Blueberries from 2019 to 2020 – the inflection point

Renowned blueberry expert Cort Brazelton discusses some major changes taking place in the global industry and where the business is headed.

"Looming food crisis" unless global supply chain takes action, FAO reports

A recent FAO report details how "both lives and livelihoods" are at particular risk in the global agricultural industry and how supply chains must act fast.

FDA announces Costco as first to be approved for new importer program

Costco's imports will now be subject to less time-consuming import processing and get access to faster lab reports, expediting its imports.

Australia: High tech map shows fruit, macadamia farms hit by bushfires

Amid devastating bushfire activity across Australia, scientists have released a map that shows avocado, mango, olive, banana, macadamia and citrus orchards that have been impacted.

Top U.S.food distributors Sysco, U.S Foods shift supply chain to grocers

Pivoting food supplies to retail, big distributors that typically service restaurants seek to offset losses by redirecting items to grocery supply chain.

Driscoll's builds stake in JV partner Costa Group

It is unknown when Driscoll's first established the stake that is just below the 5 percent "substantial shareholder" threshold, above which its holding would have to be disclosed.