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Kiwifruit in Charts: Chile saw highest prices in five years this season

The high kiwifruit prices Chile saw throughout the season are largely thanks to a 15% drop in export volumes (and a 17% drop in exports to the U.S.).
November 12 , 2019

Fruit in Charts: How Chilean protests could affect fruit exports

First, let’s set the stage. Looking at the last 12 months gives us an idea of what commodities the country exports and what categories may be affected.
October 29 , 2019

Berries in Charts: The category's evolution over the last nine years

This aim of this week's article isn't to offer some interesting market phenomenon, but rather to provide perspective on the role of each berry in the U.S. market.
October 22 , 2019

Avocados in Charts: What can we expect from the market during the rest of 2019?

By looking at the data from last season, some important insights can be given about what we could expect in terms of pricing in the U.S. avocado market.
October 08 , 2019

Grapes in Charts: How California's low storage volumes could impact prices

On the recent news of lower cold storage volumes, Colin Fain of Agronometrics looks at the potential impact on the rest of California's season and the upcoming southern hemisphere deal. 
October 02 , 2019

Avocados in Charts: What will be Colombia's future role in the U.S. market?

Colombia's avocado supplies in the U.S. market have been negligible so far. But the data that is trickling in is beginning to tell an interesting story.
September 26 , 2019

Blueberries in Charts: How does Peru's expected big increase play into its export strategy?

Peru has fetched the highest prices of any origin in the U.S. market over recent weeks, and its initial volumes grew significantly this season.
September 24 , 2019

Pears in Charts: USA Pears CEO on two interesting factors this season

USA Pears CEO Kevin Moffitt provides some interesting insights about production dynamics in Oregon and Washington, as well as competition with California grapes
September 17 , 2019

Lemons in Charts: Chile sees much lower prices on higher volumes

In July - perhaps reflecting volumes - the pricing for Chilean lemons was almost half of what we were seeing the previous year. This gap further increased in August.
September 10 , 2019

Asparagus in Charts: Mexico sees eight weeks of high prices

Mexico has been fetching a significant premium in asparagus prices over its main competitor in the U.S. market, which sees frequent spikes and dips.
September 03 , 2019