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United States: Israeli dates on road to import approval

As stands, Barhi dates from Israel should soon be welcomed to the United States market.
January 18 , 2013

Opinion: biotechnology, a development pathway for agriculture

IICA's Pedro J Rocha explains why all farmers are biotechnologists by nature and can benefit from scientific advances.
January 17 , 2013

New markets and varieties for Canadian cherry growers

Six new cold-weather cherry varieties have entered their first year of production in Canada.
January 17 , 2013

Indian mangoes may soon enter South African market

India expects clearance soon to export mangoes to yet another new market - South Africa.
January 17 , 2013

Organic pesticides boost Peruvian banana performance

The largest Peruvian organic banana cooperative expects to double exports in 2013.
January 17 , 2013

New FDA rules to bring "legal teeth" to food safety, says O'Brien

The PMA's man in Washington D.C. talks about how new FDA food safety rules could reinforce the produce industry.
January 17 , 2013

Chile: David Del Curto to buy stake in Southern Fruit

A partnership between David del Curto and Southern Fruit will create one of Chile's largest produce exporters.
January 16 , 2013

Amino acid study could reveal citrus greening insights

Amino acid profiles may hold the key to managing plant defenses against citrus greening disease.
January 15 , 2013

South Africa: industry reps fear for future of black farmers

A South African fruit chamber warns an extended strike could push black farmers out of the fruit business.
January 15 , 2013

U.K. consumer attitudes study reveals preference for GM labeling

A survey has revealed very little knowledge of GM foods in the U.K.
January 15 , 2013