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Ecuador offers exporters collateral-free loans after U.S. trade decision

Ecuador has vowed to support fruit farmers with loans of up to US$2 million in the wake of a U.S. Congress decision not to renew a trade agreement with the South American country.
February 17 , 2011

Colombia and Ecuador hit by U.S. tariffs

A U.S. Congress decision not to extend a free trade agreement with Colombia and Ecuador will have significant effects on the countries' fruit export industries.
February 15 , 2011

Mexico's agriculture industry could lose $US3.7B from cold snap

Mexico's cold snap has destroyed around US$3.7 billion worth of agricultural crops, according to the country's National Rural Confederation (CNC).
February 15 , 2011

Australia's almond crops drowning in Victoria

Australa's almong-growing region of Sunraysia is inundated with water, leaving farmers in a desperate situation to recover what they can.
February 14 , 2011

Mexico's frost could damage 270 hectares of melon crops

Farmers from Mexico's Matamaros and Viesca municipalities have called on the government for assistance after crops were damaged by frost.
February 07 , 2011

Australia could lose $300M worth of bananas to Cyclone Yasi

The Australian Banana Growers Council (ABGC) has issued a statement showing that 95% of major production was affected in the Tully and Innisfail regions of north Queensland.
February 03 , 2011

Berkeley professor hails agroecology success for Chile apple project

Chilean professor says there is 'no other way' for farmers but to go down the path of 'agroecology'
February 02 , 2011

La Niña to continue at least until April

WMO says current La Niña episode, which has been one of the strongest of the last century, is expected to continue for another two to four months.
February 01 , 2011

British suspect caught in Costa Rica pineapple cocaine bust

British, Romanian, Jamaican and Costa Rican nationals have been detained for alleged cocaine and marijuana trafficking inside pineapple cartons.
January 28 , 2011

Banana peels could clean polluted water, research shows

Brazilian scientist discovers industrial use for banana peels to clean contaminated water.
January 27 , 2011