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Chile’s Copefrut receives takeover bid

The Soler Ruiz family looks to consolidate a 100% share of the exporter. Offer puts the company's value at US $78 million.
December 01 , 2010

Fewer Tucumán blueberry flights due to low prices in U.S.

Nearly one third of flights forecast for this season never materialized as the export season was cut short due to a drop in prices abroad. Importers paying only 30% of 2009 prices, which won't cover export costs, grower says
November 30 , 2010

Mexican province prepares to shift from tobacco to fruit

Higher fees for producing tobacco prompts change, state officials says
November 29 , 2010

Namibia expects big grape crop due to good weather

Exporters expect to exceed last year's shipment because of good quality, European demand
November 29 , 2010

New Zealand kiwi industry to form PSA-focused organization

The organization does not yet have a name but will incorporate industry and government representatives to plan a management strategy of the kiwi vine disease PSA.
November 29 , 2010

Peru citrus yield to see continued growth, USDA says

Production should reach 64,000 metric tons this year as the crop recovers from a weather related dip in 2009.
November 29 , 2010

Michoacán avocado industry targeting small thefts

Up to 6 metric tons of fruit stolen between January and June, industry group says
November 26 , 2010

Chile's blueberry harvest picks up the pace

The slow harvest in the north could cause labor problems as workers shift to the early grape harvest.
November 26 , 2010

Ecuador reforms banana industry laws to protect growers, regulate illegal fields

Ecuador is overhauling the rules for its banana industry, aiming to bring illegal fields under regulation, to enforce contracts and to fine those who do not pay the official price per carton for the fruit.
November 26 , 2010

Delay in Peru’s asparagus harvest leads to oversupply in U.S. market

Weather conditions during the middle of 2010 delayed the harvest of asparagus in Peru, leading to an oversupply in the U.S. Other trading partners picked up more shipments as a result.
November 26 , 2010