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Morpholine fight highlights regulatory challenges for Chilean fruit exporters

Rules on chemical substances are likely to get stricter in the future, and exporters must adapt, Andes Laboratory executive says
November 05 , 2010

Peru's Camposol not affected by workers' strike

Peruvian produce grower Camposol says it has ended an “illegal” strike by one of it’s company unions and will continue functioning normally as it enters into its prime production season
November 05 , 2010

Water will be biggest factor for Chile’s grapes as climate changes, expert says

As the effects of climate change increase global temperatures, Chile’s central valley -- home to its grape industry -- will experience a decline in rainfall.
November 04 , 2010

Argentina exports nearly 5,000 tons of blueberries in October

Total is more than double the amount shipped in October 2010, and price per kilogram was higher too, although a price drop hit the market towards towards the end of the month. The US leads receptions with some 70% of exports from the Southern Cone nation thus far.
November 04 , 2010

Market Pulse week 43 -- 2010

First blueberries from Argentina and Uruguay arrived just as the Norther Hemisphere season ends, and the first Chilean cherries arrive in the United States.
November 03 , 2010

Chilean shipments of stonefruit to increase 20% in 2010-11

With better weather in 2010, Chile is expected to ship about 200,000 tons, while South African exporters worry about the exchange rate, iQonsulting report says.
November 01 , 2010

David del Curto takes 40% stake in grower led by Fedefruta president

After a year and a half of negotiations, chilean exporter purchased 595,695 shares of Agropecuaria Wapri, for about US$5 million.
October 29 , 2010

Early Argentine blueberry arrivals cause drop in prices

High volume, low demand and lack of promotion combine to cause lower prices, but overall shipping estimates for 2010-11 remain, Argentinean Blueberry Committee says.
October 29 , 2010

Greece follows U.K., targets Chilean apples with morpholine

Following a measure taken by the U.K.'s government earlier this month, Greece’s food sanitary authority has removed more than 40 tons of Chilean apples after morpholine, a processing aid used in the wax finish
October 28 , 2010

Jazz apples’ low returns frustrate New Zealand growers

Income doesn’t cover production costs for second consecutive year and some growers are looking at changing varieties.
October 27 , 2010