Opinion: mixed health messages and fresh produce opportunities

BerryBroad Juanita Gaglio talks misleading health claims and the EU's Food Information Transparency Initiative.
May 08 , 2012

Opinion: food safety and Brazilian opportunities

PMA Brazil representative Valeska de Oliveira discusses the changes taking place in Brazilian food safety.
May 04 , 2012

The Packaging Pitch: perception is everything

Marketing expert Lisa Cork looks at brand Chile versus how Chileans perceive themselves.
May 02 , 2012

Opinion: New markets are essential for SA's future export rise

South Africa must develop new import destinations for its increasing plum, peach and nectarine yields.
April 27 , 2012

Opinion: Why growers should call the pricing shots

Don Goodwin says growers should ask sellers tougher questions to ensure better prices.
April 23 , 2012

The Hass-Horn: old challenges with a new economy, new competition

Avocado expert Avi Crane discusses a range of obstacles the Californian industry needs to overcome.
April 19 , 2012

Opinion: the scientific case for GM crops

A former Greenpeace leader calls on the international community to wake up and realize the benefits of GM crops.
April 17 , 2012

Opinion: Why Kenya needs a world class port

The World Bank's Wolfgang Fengler highlights how better port facilities could help lift Kenya's economy.
April 13 , 2012

Opinion: fair trade produce goes from strength to strength

Fair Trade USA talks up growing demand and valuable projects in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru.
April 10 , 2012

Opinion: Australian supermarket concentration on the verge of crisis

Australia's lack of supermarket competition is hurting farmers and the food supply chain, says Dr Ray Johnson.
April 05 , 2012