Opinion: produce variety drives reduced sales and shrink

Growers, suppliers and retailers need to collaborate to drive up sales with carefully chosen produce.
March 06 , 2012

The Packaging Pitch: when stickers miss the point

Marketing expert Lisa Cork looks at stickers that fail to educate consumers about product benefits.
March 01 , 2012

Opinion: agricultural insurance should not be mandatory

Argentine agriculture consultant Arturo Navarro talks insurance and what is needed to supply with predictability.
February 28 , 2012

Opinion: Fruit Logistica a taste of what's in store for international markets

BerryBroad Juanita Gaglio gives a wrap of her experience of Fruit Logistica and some interesting discoveries.
February 24 , 2012

The Hass-Horn: Peru's avocados set to take U.S. by storm

The future looks bright for Peruvian avocados as long as exporters make informed judgments.
February 16 , 2012

Opinion: retailers need to get their act together with marketing messages

Golden Sun Marketing owner Don Goodwin discusses some disturbing trends in the fresh produce retail space.
February 13 , 2012

Opinion: the food industry paradox between the U.S. and Peru

Peruvian Agri Institute president Mario Salazar discusses obesity, food waste and inspiration from Trader Joe's.
February 09 , 2012

Opinion: the emerging tool of water footprinting for agricultural performance

Landcare Research advisor Anthony Hume discusses the importance of water footprinting in horticultural supply chains, using New Zealand's kiwifruit industry as an example.
February 07 , 2012

The Packaging Pitch: does sticker size matter?

Packaging expert Lisa Cork highlights ways marketers can harness sticker space to send powerful messages.
February 02 , 2012

Opinion: SA's growing apple export opportunities in Africa

Hortgro's Mariette Kotzé explains why apple exports in the African continent have jumped so significantly.
January 31 , 2012