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Avocados in Charts: An empty promise for California exporters in China

The question is whether a small per-kilo premium would be worthwhile for California producers to ship their avocados across the world.
January 17 , 2020

Agricultural waste used for car parts

3D modeling allows a team of researchers in Spain to fuse residue from common produce into car parts to make them more stable.
January 17 , 2020

'Outbreaks absolutely must stop': California LGMA in systematic overhaul of food safety

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement says it's boosting its efforts to improve safety following numerous E. coli outbreaks.
January 17 , 2020

Trade deal will open China for U.S. blueberries, avocados and nectarines

The official text of the deal signed at the White House on Wednesday states that the two countries must sign and implement a phytosanitary protocol to allow the import of those products into China within certain time periods.
January 16 , 2020

Albertsons preparing again to go public - reports

Albertsons has reportedly been updating initial-public-offering documents that have been confidentially filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
January 16 , 2020

U.S. and China sign phase one trade deal, but produce tariffs remain

U.S. fruit and vegetable exporters may have to wait until the "phase two" deal is signed before China lowers its tariffs.
January 15 , 2020

Spanish table grapes: New varieties, markets central to success

China and Vietnam opened their doors to Spanish table grapes this season and the industry revealed plans to enter other markets and innovate new varieties.
January 15 , 2020

Limoneira posts record revenues for 2019 despite weather setbacks

CEO Harold Edwards said the "uncontrollable weather aspect of our business affected lemon and orange pricing throughout the year and dramatically reduced our avocado crop".
January 15 , 2020 gets a fresh new look for the new decade

The refresh has been extended to the main website, the daily and weekly newsletters, providing readers with the best possible experience as they stay up to date with the latest industry news.
January 15 , 2020

U.S.: First West Coast Chilean fruit vessel of the season arrives in LA

After a 12-day journey from Chile, the first West Coast breakbulk vessel of the season, Ice River, arrived to the Port of Los Angeles on Jan. 9. 
January 15 , 2020