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Peruvian strawberry exports double

Peruvian strawberry exports have risen significantly this year with Germany, Belgium and Canada as the leading destinations.
June 25 , 2013

Argentina sees sharp rise in apple and pear production costs

As production costs rise for apples and pears, Argentine growers are struggling to remain competitive.
June 25 , 2013

New Zealand considers new Psa antibiotic for kiwifruit

Kasumin 2L may provide an alternative to New Zealand kiwifruit growers fighting Psa-V disease.
June 25 , 2013

U.S.: Texan agriculture warns Mexico to respect water rights

If water trends with Mexico continue, researchers warn that Texan citrus production could drop to zero.
June 25 , 2013

"We are eating into the future", says Global Foresight Network founder

Michael McAllum calls for a more sustainable food model based on renewable energy and agroecology.
June 24 , 2013

Chilean ag minister forecasts "growth and dynamism" for next fruit season

Chilean expectations for horticultural export improvement have been augmented by a strengthened dollar.
June 24 , 2013

Rapid growth for Australian macadamia exports

Nuts are Australia's biggest horticultural export and the native macadamia is showing particular strength overseas.
June 24 , 2013

Drought tests show strong potential for new fruits in Chile

A Chilean project to evaluate drought tolerant fruits is about to enter a new phase of testing.
June 24 , 2013

Spain: Unica Group expands through Parque Natural

Cooperative Unica will now be the largest on-the-vine tomato grower in Spain through the incorporation of a new member.
June 24 , 2013

"Too many amendments" quashed Farm Bill, says United Fresh

United Fresh's Ray Gilmer says the Farm Bill rejection by the House of Representatives could have a "chilling effect" on competitiveness.
June 21 , 2013