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Market Pulse week 46 -- 2010

November 24 , 2010

U.S. grants patents for two new Chilean guava varieties

Patents were issued for the Red Pearl and South Pearl varieties of the Chilean guava.
November 24 , 2010

Argentina’s Tucuman wraps up exports due to low price

Argentina’s prime blueberry region, Tucuman, has wrapped its exports of the berry because receiving prices dropped below profitable levels. The harvest in Concordia and Buenos Aires continues.
November 22 , 2010

Chile blueberry harvest back on track

The blueberry harvest has picked up pace two weeks after heavy storms delayed activities. As of week 45 the harvest is 66% higher than last year.
November 19 , 2010

For Argentina's blueberries, low prices don’t match high quality

A large shipment volume and lack of promotion in destination markets combine to keep prices low.
November 18 , 2010

Chile Blueberry harvest still on track after rain

Heavy rains on November 7-8 stopped Chile’s blueberry harvest for one day but will only reduce the export crop slightly in the south of the country, according to the Chilean Blueberry Committee
November 12 , 2010

Market Pulse -- week 44

Blueberry prices drop in North America due to big shipments from Argentina; Chile's first cherries arrive in the United States.
November 08 , 2010

Uruguay blueberry region expected to produce 800 tons in 2010-11

Good weather may lead to doubling of output over 2009, and the slow global economy may still be hurting prices, exporter says
November 08 , 2010

Chile blueberry shipments slow to start

Chile’s blueberry exports have started slowly but with a higher volume than at the same time last year, the Chilean Blueberry Committee said in a report.
November 08 , 2010

Argentina exports nearly 5,000 tons of blueberries in October

Total is more than double the amount shipped in October 2010, and price per kilogram was higher too, although a price drop hit the market towards towards the end of the month. The US leads receptions with some 70% of exports from the Southern Cone nation thus far.
November 04 , 2010