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Agronometrics in Charts: Lower volumes but better quality in sight for Chilean blueberries

Chilean blueberry volumes are forecasted to decrease, however, higher quality is expected as diminishing temperatures have enhanced overall fruit attributes.
October 27 , 2022

Peruvian blueberry exports have seen annual average growth of 70% since 2013

Peruvian blueberry exports rose to $1.2 billion in 2021. This represents a massive leap from the $17 million registered in 2013, with an average yearly growth rate of 70%.
October 26 , 2022

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery signs on as exclusive sponsor of USHBC’s Blueberry Industry Leadership Program

The program, launched in March 2022, helps up-and-coming leaders in the blueberry industry grow their leadership skills, connect with and learn from innovative thought leaders, and improve their industry intelligence.
October 25 , 2022

Technologies to face the challenges of the Chilean blueberry market

Liventus, a leading company in the development of post-harvest technologies, offers different solutions that help solve the main problems of blueberry exporters.
October 25 , 2022

New print and online magazine launches for North American produce buyers

Vision Magazine will fill a need in the U.S. and Canadian markets by providing a modern and stylish print publication that provides deeper and more analytical content with a long-term perspective of the fruit and vegetable industry.
October 25 , 2022

Natural Delights’ Medjool dates: A harvest of tradition and innovation

As the category leader in North America, Natural Delights is equipped with innovation, marketing support, and merchandising expertise that continues to drive new consumers to the date sector.
October 24 , 2022

Victor Moller, Hortifrut founder and industry visionary, passes away

His contribution to the Chilean industry is incalculable, with the company he founded having been one of the pioneers that paved the way for the export of berries to global markets.
October 20 , 2022

Chilean blueberry industry forecasts 8% drop in volumes for 2022-23 season

The Chilean Blueberry Committee says the small crop has resulted primarily from the the industry's intense focus on providing only the best quality fruit to its export markets.
October 18 , 2022

Mexican berries reach $2B in exports in H1

With a total 467,153 tons shipped during the previous season, strawberry exports grew almost by 9% year-on-year. Mexico is currently the 2nd. berry producer in the world, behind China, with an average annual growth rate of 5% for the last decade.
October 12 , 2022

Ecuadorian blueberries enter the international market

Ecuadorian blueberries will now be available in the international market, following a shipment of five tons exported by sea. 
October 11 , 2022