Market Pulse Week 1 - 2013 -

Market Pulse Week 1 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 1 – 2013 (Jan. 4)


In North America, movement remained moderate with no price changes for the Chilean offer.

In Europe, active sales were reported for varieties sold on the continent. In the U.K., Hass consumption improved.


In North America, sales for the Argentine offer were coming to an end. Chile increased participation on both coasts.

In Europe, the market returned to normal sales activity.

In Asia, slow sales were reported in China.


In North America, the U.S. supply experienced uneven quality. Good fruit received optimum prices.

In Europe, sales were still slow but were sufficient to move the level of supply.

In Asia, demand remained strong for quality fruit in southern China.

In Latin America, low interested was reported for imported cherries in Brazil. Prices remained the same.


In North America, low availability of Red Seedless varieties in the United States favored Red Globes.

In Europe, the continent and the U.K. continued to have a low supply of red varieties, allowing for market stability and high prices.

In Asia, high volumes of Peruvian Red Globes generated pressure on sales in southern China. South African White Seedless arrivals were recorded last week.


In North America, the supply level remained low.

In Europe, slow movement was recorded for South African fruit in the U.K.

In Asia, a bigger offer was seen in China, with greater volumes in Shanghai.

In Latin America, there was low activity for nectarines in Brazil.

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