Market Pulse Week 43 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 43 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 43 – 2012 (Oct. 26)


In the Northern Hemisphere, declining domestic volumes and lower market activity was reported in the United States West Coast as Chilean shipments remained limited.

In Europe, the end of the Peruvian campaign allowed greater participation of Chilean volumes in the French and British markets.

In Latin America, price stability and good movement continued for the local supply in Santiago, Chile.


In North America, the market continued to be dominated by Argentine volumes as arrivals from Chile and Uruguay began to increase with active sales for all providers on both coasts of the United States.

In Europe, Argentine and Uruguayan imports dealt with condition problems, generating moderate sales in the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, at the wholesale level, the Argentine supply reported good movement, complemented by low South African volumes.

Easy Peelers

In North America, U.S. sales remained active for Chilean Murcotts.

In Europe, the Dutch market made the transition to Spanish imports. In the United Kingdom, South Africa dominated the supply while Peru began to close the season.


In North America, the Brazilian supply began to take a greater market share of the United States East Coast with fast sales of Thompson Seedless. In Mexico, local supply was being supplemented by higher priced American volumes.

In Europe, strong sales and prices for imported and European supplies set the trend in most markets. In the Netherlands, active sales of Spanish Crimson Seedless and Brazilian Sugraone were reported. In the United Kingdom, there was moderate movement of Spanish Autumn Royal batches.


In North America, the inconsistent quality of Chilean imports continued to force repackaging on arrival.

In Europe, the market was supplied mostly with good quality South African batches. Spain began to increase volumes in the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

In Asia, moderate movement of South African volumes were reported in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

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