Market Pulse week 44 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 44 -- 2010


In South America, the imported avocado supply in Argentina saw big price increases, while in Chile there were no major changes compared to last week, either in the internal market or in the pace of export shipments.

In North America, a major preference for imported avocado has been noted in the United States, because the local supply has higher prices and the storage life is shorter.

In Mexico, volumes in the new season continue to be below 2009 levels, which has kept prices high.

In Europe, an increase in Chilean Hass has been seen, and sales in Spain show more activity than last week.


In North America, both the United States and Canada showed lower prices because of an increase in the supply from Argentina. In Canada, the first Chilean blueberries arrived, although with very limited volumes.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, an increase in the supply from Uruguay and Argentina, and the latter is reporting lower prices.


In North America, the first Chilean cherries posted elevated prices in the United States, while in Canada, the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere season is expected in the beginning of December.

Table grapes

In North America, inventories for California table grapes show an increase in the United States.

In Mexico, the Red Globe season is almost over.

In Canada, the market remains stable and the first lots of Brazilian Festivals are attaining high prices compared with the California supply.

In Europe, active sales for white seedless from Brazil are seen. With respect to the Red Globe from Italy, the season is forecast to end in the beginning of December, when the season for Red Globes from Peru is expected to start.