Market Pulse week 46 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 46 -- 2010

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 46


In North America, the beginning of Chilean apricot season should start one week earlier than last year, since the first lots will arrive into the United States next week.


In Latin America, Argentina shows stability both in price and sales pace for imported Hass avocado. In Chile, domestic supply prices continue registering a slight downward trend at the wholesale level.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, moderate sales of Chilean Hass avocado are reported, with similar or slightly lower prices than the previous week.

In North America, better sales pace and the lower supply caused a price increase for almost all sizes and suppliers in the United States. In Mexico, the situation was similar--the market showed a higher activity and wholesale prices registered an increase this week.


In Europe, sales stability is reported both on the Continent and the United Kingdom; nevertheless, price adjustments continue.

In North America, all packaging registered a price increase in the United States. In Canada, the higher supply availability has caused a better preference for heavier content sales units.


In North America, the first Argentine cherries arrived into the United States four weeks earlier than in 2009, while prices registered a slight adjustment. In Canada, the first cherry lots also arrived one week earlier than last season, showing higher volumes than last year.

Table grapes

In North America, domestic grape holdings is decreasing in the United States, and the Southern Hemisphere supply is starting to show more activity, mainly on the East Coast.

In Mexico, imported Thompsons registered a price adjustment, while Red Globe continues steadily.

In Europe, high prices of white seedless grape would have affected sales rates in some countries of the Continent. The first Peruvian Red Globe supply already arrived, although with limited volumes.

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