Market Pulse week 48 - 2010 -

Market Pulse week 48 -- 2010


In North America, opening market prices on the East Coast of the United States slightly exceed the prices registered last season, while in Mexico, the limited supply shows good sales activity and high prices.


In Latin America, Argentina is not reporting price variation at the wholesale level on imported avocados, despite the market reactivation registered this week. Chile does not show significant changes regarding domestic consumption and export activity.

In North America, lower supply causes prices to rise and generates expectation among importers in the United States. In Mexico, the domestic supply shows lower volumes and higher prices than last season.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, low trading and price adjustments for Chilean Hass avocado are reported, affected by the cold wave registered this week.


In North America, Chilean ocean shipments to the United States start to increase, while no shipments are yet scheduled to Canada. The market’s activity is moderate in the United States; Canada continues with good activity.

In Europe, steady blueberry sales are reported, despite the cold wave this week. In the United Kingdom, the market remains steady with low sales activity, but with prices similar to last week.


In Latin America, the imported cherry supply is showing price adjustments in the region’s main markets.

In North America, the U.S. market reported a contraction, due to low sales pace and higher supply. In Canada, cherry trading continues to be active despite the increased fruit availability.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, the cold wave causes slow sales activity, leading to price adjustments in the main markets.


In North America, table grape prices increased in the United States, except for the Red Globe variety. In Mexico, a better preference for red seedless grape was reported, due to its lower price.

In Europe and the United Kingdom, low temperatures and snowfall continue decreasing table grape sales activity, causing price adjustments on main varieties.


In North America, the Chilean supply arrives at the usual time this year, compared to the late start of last season.

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