Market Pulse Week 52 - 2012 -

Market Pulse Week 52 - 2012

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 52 – 2012 (Dec. 28)


In North America, the U.S. market was stable with no significant change in prices.

In Europe, Spanish supply was increasing and taking more market share.


In North America, a large amount of supply put pressure on U.S. prices, particularly on the East Coast.

In Europe, sea freight supply took on higher participation with an increase in arrivals.

In Asia, the market lost interest in blueberries but decent sales were seen for the low volumes in circulation.


In North America, good prices were reached for Chilean lots in optimal condition in the U.S.

In Latin America, high prices hindered sales in Brazil, while in Colombia the supply level was low, as were sales for small-sized fruit.

In Europe, the market continued to be slow for imported cherries, highlighted further during week 52 with a drop in consumer activity.

In Asia, a high level of supply was seen in Guangzhou, leading to price variability. In Shanghai, volumes were in line with demand.


In North America, there was a limited supply and good activity for grapes in the U.S., especially for the White Seedless varieties.

In Latin America, sluggish sales were observed for the imported supply in Colombia due to a preference for domestic fruit.

In Europe, more South Africal White Seedless arrivals were registered, both in the U.K. and on the continent.

In Asia, Taiwan continued to be supplied with local fruit, giving little room for imported supply. In China, the preference for U.S. fruit over Peruvian Red Globes persisted.


In North America, low activity was reported for the stonefruit market, with a limited level of supply and poor sales.

In Latina America, typically moderate sales for the time period were seen in Brazil and Colombia.

In Europe, low activity was reported for the stonefruit market, with a limited level of supply and poor sales.

In Asia, the Chinese market was active for Australian stonefruit.

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