Market Pulse Week 52 - 2013 -

Market Pulse Week 52 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 52 – 2013 (December 27)


In North America, sales were moderate in the U.S. with price variations.

In Europe, moderate sales were observed with stable prices on the continent while price adjustments were seen in the U.K.


In North America, moderate sales were seen in the U.S. due to the Christmas week.

In Europe, a similar situation was observed to the United States, although prices were able to hold firm. In the U.K., there was a low Chilean supply in the market.

In Asia, prices fell for Chilean blueberries in the Chinese market.


In North America, prices rose in the U.S. for white seedless varieties.

In Latin America, the market was unchanged in Colombia and there was little activity in Brazil due to the end of year celebrations.

In Europe, the South African white seedless grape supply increased, filling gaps in the market that were present in previous weeks. In the U.K., moderate sales were seen during Christmas. In Russia, movement increased for Peruvian Red Globes, leading to higher prices.

In Asia, the market continued to be dominated by U.S. supply.


In North America, the U.S. market had a low level of supply and prices were firm.

In Latin America, there was slow movement in Colombia and Brazil.

In Europe, price stability was seen for the South African offering, while Chile reported its first sales of the season.

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