Market Pulse Week 7 - 2013 -

Market Pulse Week 7 - 2013

Market situation in the Northern Hemisphere, week 7 – 2013 (Feb. 15)


In North America, the U.S. had moderate market activity. Arrivals from Mexico remained high but some lots had a low shelf life. Volumes rose in California.

In Europe, the market was moderate. Hass arrived mostly from Israel and Spain. Israel showed some condition problems.


In the U.S., interest decreased in Chilean blueberries due to frequent quality problems. The Mexican offer began to have greater presence.

In Europe, there were moderate sales and price variability depending on fruit quality. In the U.K., the market was clearer.

In Asia, low activity was reported as Chinese markets were closed.


In North America, Peruvian seedless grapes were ending their season while more active rotation was seen for white seedless varieties uvas_82617340from Chile.

In Europe, the first sales were reported for Indian and Chilean grapes. Good activity overall due to low level of supply.

In Asia, Chinese markets were closed, with slight activity seen from Thursday on.

In Latin America, market reactivation began in Brazil, while in Colombia movement was stable for Red Globes.


In North America, there was a strong U.S. market for nectarines, while peaches and plums showed moderate sales.

In Europe, stable activity was recorded. South African Plums showed internal quality problems.

In Asia, Chinese markets were closed.

In Latin America, sales were suitable for stone fruit in Colombia, although nectarines showed slower movement. In Brazil, the market gradually resumed its normal movement.

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