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Harvest Trends week 37 -- 2010

Harvest Trends of the Southern Hemisphere: week 37 - 2010


In Chile the harvest of the Lane Late has advanced nearly 85% in the north of the country and 80% in the central region. The harvest is expected to end in week 39. As of week 35 38,000 tons have been exported principally to the US (65%), Canada (7%) and Spain (6%).

In Uruguay the Valencia variety harvest has advanced close to 35% and continues to be delayed due to rain in the producing regions. As of week 35 60,000 tons have been exported mainly to Holland (35%), Spain (20%) and Portugal (16%).

In South Africa the harvest of Navel oranges has finished with a total of 22.3 million cartons, 15% more than the exported total for 2009. In the case of Valencia 20 million cartons have been exported and a total of 35 million cartons processed. The principal receivers of the fruit have been Northern Europe (30%), the Mideast (21%) and Russia (10%).

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