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Harvest Trends week 36 -- 2010


In Chile, the harvest continued to be rather slow and is expected to have a major surge at the end of September (week 38). As of week 34, 5,000 tons have been shipped, mostly to the United States (52%) and Argentina (37%). During this season, the proportion of exports has changed considerably, because at the same date last year, 86% of shipments were sent to the U.S. and only 0.3% to Argentina. This change is due primarily to the high yield from California and the lower prices that have been posted in the market this season.

In Peru, the avocado harvest is nearly done and the remaining volumes are not relevant. As of week 33, about 51,000 tons had been exported, mainly to the Netherlands (46%) and Spain (33%). It is estimated that 2,500 tons will be left for shipment.


In Chile, the Murcott harvest in Region IV started a week ago, and it is expected that most will be harvested at the end of week 37. This concentration in the harvest is happening mainly because the fruit cannot remain on the tree much longer without suffering post-harvest damage. In central Chile, about 30% of the harvest is complete and it should be finished in week 39. As of week 34, 30,500 tons had been exported, mainly to the United States (89%).

In Argentina, the mandarin harvest is about 80% complete. The harvest of Ellendale and Murcott should be finished in two more weeks. New estimates indicate that shipments will increase by 15%. As of week 35, 123,000 tons had been shipped, mainly to Russia (40%) and the Netherlands (20%).

In Uruguay, the Ortanique harvest is about 80% complete. Also the export estimate has been readjusted, reaching 58,000 tons, 35% more than last season. As of week 35, 51,500 tons had been shipped, mainly to England (39%) and the Netherlands (31%).

In Argentina as well as Uruguay, the rise in the export estimate is due to the strong markets in Europe and the Middle East and not due to a rise in production.

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