Tips on berry sampling for spotted wing drosophila to guide your IPM program

A simple berry sampling method has been developed that can indicate when berries are free of spotted wing drosophila or are starting to be infested.

calendar_today April 11 , 2024
Watering fruit trees with micro-irrigation systems

Drying conditions in much of the fruit growing region sparks need to begin watering using micro-irrigation systems.

calendar_today July 01 , 2022
Why homemade weed killers are not always better

Recipes for homemade weed killers abound on the internet. University of Illinois Extension specialist Michelle Wiesbrook explains why homemade is not always better.

calendar_today June 30 , 2022
Video: Washing fruits and vegetables

University of Maine representatives demonstrate how to properly wash and store fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce the risk of food-borne illness.

calendar_today June 29 , 2022
Watch: Homeowner fruit tree pruning

Join former University of Tennessee Extension agent and Apple Valley Orchard owner Chuck McSpadden for a quick and inside look on how to prune fruit trees.

calendar_today June 20 , 2022
How to grow your own lemons in a container

If you enjoy container gardening, you will love having a Meyer lemon tree. Here are a few things that may help you be successful.

calendar_today June 17 , 2022
A guide to washing fruits and vegetables

This quick guide by the University of Florida Extension provide an overview of how to wash different types of fruits and vegetables.

calendar_today June 16 , 2022
How to peel and pit an avocado

Though Simon and Garfunkel weren't thinking of avocados when they wrote "Slip Sliding Away," this phrase might describe our experience trying to peel and pit an avocado.

calendar_today June 15 , 2022
Which tomato varieties to plant

This article by a University of Vermont professor will help you decide which tomato variety is right for you and your garden.

calendar_today June 14 , 2022
How to make fruits and vegetables last longer in hot weather

Hot weather isn’t kind to most fresh produce, but there are steps you can take to help fruits and vegetables last longer, says a University of Florida scientist.

calendar_today June 10 , 2022
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