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HaciendasBio – Spain’s leading company in exporting organic fruit and vegetables to Europe

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HaciendasBio – Spain’s leading company in exporting organic fruit and vegetables to Europe


HaciendasBio -the first producer of organic fruit and vegetables in Spain and leader in exporting to Europe- has exceeded 2000 hectares of its own farms in 2018. The company has increased by 32% its holdings distributed among 35 Spanish farms located in Lerida and Tarragona (Catalonia), Canarias (Canary Islands), Andalusia and Extremadura. Nowadays HaciendasBio -company that has a turnover of 30 million euros in 2017- exports 90% of its production to 17 countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and Scandinavia.

The company has also increased its production volume. In 2018 it has reached 32.200 tonnes, an increase of 61% compared with the 20.000 tonnes produced in 2017. HaciendasBio has achieved that because of the kick off in the second quarter of 2018 of the industrial plant of handling and packaging located in its Ecological Park. This industrial plant has a smart control system of energy generation and demand, that optimizes the operation. The complex has 400 hectares, technology 4.0, laboratories, an research center, energetic central and holds the new corporate headquarters of the company. The facilities also have a nursery school based on the Waldorf education (the first one in Extremadura and unique in Spain with such a rural and farming environment).

100% engaged with investigation company

HaciendasBio was born with the goal of leading the consumers’ preferences developing a whole range of organic fruit and vegetables full of life and taste. The company opts for food and agricultural research before and after the harvest. Likewise, it has assigned many resources to develop its own technology and design new processes. All this is possible thanks to one hundred specialized technicians who work in the development of knowledge about organic biodynamic agriculture in the I+D+I center located in the Ecological Park.

Offer extension with new crops

This year the company has increased the offer adding new crops of leaf vegetables and has already 19 references harvested in Cuevas de Almanzora (Almeria-Andalusia). In addition, the production of figs and cherries has increased and reached 145 tonnes. The nectarines and peaches’ cycles will be broadened in 2019 with the inclusion of Falamosa farm in Seville (Andalusia). HaciendasBio is also developing new varieties of yellow plums, melons and watermelons, and also new products such as apricots, kakis and pomegranates.

Communication Campaign in support of organic agriculture

HaciendasBio has launched an ambitious communication campaign to give further information about the organic agriculture and its benefits to society. This campaign has really succeeded in the media reaching an approximate audience of 40 million people. This mediatic, educational and social initiative related to organic agriculture has awakened the interest of international authorities such as the president of the German Federal Republic, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who visited this year the ecologic park of HaciendsBio to know the facilities and the production process of organic fruit and vegetables.

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