Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: IBO to open up global blueberry market data to all

The International Blueberry Organization (IBO), in collaboration with Agronometrics, is currently in the midst of developing the 2021 State of the Blueberry Industry Report.
April 14 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Blackberries reach highest prices in five years

As shown in the graphs, prices reached a historic $10.17/kg in week 13, a 74 percent increase in comparison to those recorded in 2020 for the same date.
April 06 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Florida blueberries begin season with higher prices than last two years

As the first blueberries from Florida get to markets, the spot pricing being reported by the USDA is unexpectedly optimistic, coming in higher than both the 2020 and the 2019 seasons.
March 30 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Current scenario for Chilean avocados in the U.S.

Chilean avocado exports have been rising to numerous markets around the world. But the situation with the U.S. market is very different.
March 23 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: USDA begins reporting on imported organics for blueberries, avocados and mangos

The category most affected by this new data is far and away blueberries, which has seen tremendous growth in the organic category over the last five years, but until now we were only able to observe this growth in local production.
March 16 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: A snapshot of tangerines, a new fruit on Agronometrics

Check out U.S. market historical volumes and recent prices of tangerines - a new fruit on the Agronometrics platform.
March 09 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Volumes of Texas citrus begin to dry up in the market

The Charts show that, in the wake of Storm Uri that severely affected the production of citrus in Texas, prices of oranges and grapefruit are significantly higher than last year.
March 02 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Berry pricing skyrockets in 2021

During the first part of 2021, demand for berries has been high with prices and volumes up from the previous year.
February 23 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: USITC rules imported blueberries do not seriously injure U.S. industry

Although Agronometrics has not been a party to the proceedings, its team was involved from the beginning in making sure that both sides had accurate and reliable market data with which to build their arguments.
February 16 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Super Bowl sees avocado volumes hit record highs

From 2000 to week 4 of this year there has only been one other year with prices lower than the $21.61 per Carton 2 layer. This comes in contrast to the record high pricing registered in the same week last year.
February 09 , 2021