Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: Berry prices lower for most categories in U.S. market

This week we're going to check out what's been happening with volumes and prices of berries in the U.S. market. In general prices are running lower than last year, with the notable exception of blueberries.
October 12 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Mango varieties see mixed prices in U.S. market

The U.S. mango market is hitting its window as large volumes from Mexico decrease, creating typical higher prices as other suppliers step in to fill the void.
October 05 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Prices skyrocket for Hass avocados in the U.S. market

In week 38, the price of conventional Hass avocados in the North American market was around US$4.54 per kilogram, showing a 75 percent increase year on year.
September 28 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Asparagus prices rising in U.S. market

Average prices and volumes have followed the regular curve this year, however, as of week 35 and until now, prices have broken with the regular trend of last year and are trending higher.
September 21 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Blueberry prices rising in U.S. market despite higher volumes

Average blueberry prices in the U.S. market this year have followed the regular curve but have had higher prices year on year, despite an increase in volumes to the market.
September 14 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Stone fruit prices down in U.S. market

This week's edition of In Charts will show how the average prices of stone fruits have been acting in the U.S. market, specifically nectarines, peaches and plums.
August 31 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Blackberry prices free fall in U.S. market

The average blackberry prices for week 33 were around $8.98 per container, showing a 51 percent decrease year on year though volumes have remained relatively constant.
August 24 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: U.S. summer lemon prices the highest in years

Lemon prices have remained high throughout 2021, even outpacing prices of the last three years, with prices for organic fruit performing particularly strong this summer.
August 17 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Best pricing scenarios of avocado in the U.S. market

Avocados in the U.S. market began with prices lower this year than in 2020. The price of avocados began to rise and from week 11 until week 26, slightly exceeding reported prices year on year.
August 10 , 2021

Agronometrics in Charts: Apple market sees high pricing in 2021

In July of this year, the average prices of apples in the U.S. market were US$1.63 per kilogram, a 22 percent increase year on year.
August 03 , 2021