Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: The Moroccan blueberry industry: Emergence to global dominance

From 2015 onwards, the sector's trajectory witnessed an exponential ascent, propelled by the infusion of foreign capital.
February 22 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: A tour of the South African blueberry season

A prolonged and wet winter, particularly in the Western Cape, has led to a delayed harvest to the season, creating uncertainties around yield projections.
February 20 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: Severe storm ravages California, pushing strawberry prices up

Despite the jump in pricing, strawberry markets are still at a ten-year low.
February 15 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: The 2023-24 Chilean table grape season - Projections and early momentum

Newer varieties such as Prime, Sweet Celebration and Midnight Beauty are gaining traction, collectively expected to represent 63% of Chile's total fresh grape exports, nearing 40 million boxes.
February 13 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: Peruvian avocado industry navigating a complex landscape with resilience

Despite its success in the 2023 campaign, avocado cultivation sector in Peru faced several obstacles, particularly in northern Peru, where expectations of high yields and large sizes were met with challenges posed by high temperatures.
February 08 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: Relief is on the horizon for the U.S. mango market

While production ramp-up will require time, promotional volume from Mexico is anticipated to be available by April.
February 06 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: Chilean Systems Approach pilot in Mexico could serve as a Litmus test for the U.S. market

Rodrigo Astete, sub-technical director of Chile's Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) claims that the program allows the application of independent measures that provide the same phytosanitary security as fumigation
February 01 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: Price hikes in sight for cherries

This year marks a notable departure from the industry's historical trends, as it is the first time in many years that the Chilean cherry industry anticipates an overall decline in global cherry exports.
January 30 , 2024

Agronometrics Interviews: Berries Paradise

An exclusive look at the Mexican blueberry season with Berries Paradise Chief Commercial Officer Carlos Madariaga.
January 25 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: Lime prices on the rise in the U.S. market

Persistent issues like aging trees and disease in nursery stock have contributed to the inconsistency in lime supply from Mexico.
January 23 , 2024