Q&A with John Pandol: The changing table grape industry

Grape expert John Pandol discusses several key areas undergoing rapid change in the global industry, including varieties, value retailing, and the rise of Peru.
January 22 , 2020

Opinion: Blueberries from 2019 to 2020 – the inflection point

Renowned blueberry expert Cort Brazelton discusses some major changes taking place in the global industry and where the business is now headed.
January 15 , 2020

Editorial: Challenges for the Chilean agricultural industry in 2020

The year has begun, a decade has begun, and the Chilean agricultural industry faces 2020 with major challenges rarely seen before in its history.
January 06 , 2020

Explainer: New international guide to fair trade labels

Never has the term “fair trade” been more widely used. But what do all the labels mean? Anna Canning of the Fair World Project explains.
December 18 , 2019

How to correctly apply pesticide to achieve a good harvest, stay safe and look after the environment

Patricia Villarreal of Chile's Afipa association lists the fundamental steps to take before, during and after pesticide application.
December 11 , 2019

The Packaging Pitch: And another year comes to an end

As you launch into the holiday season and the new year, have you thought about what you want to achieve personally and professionally in 2020?
December 04 , 2019

PDO Spanish Persimon shares successful strategies to maximize sales

The fruit’s capacity for seasonal tie-ins, versatile usage and nutritional content present opportunities aplenty to continue winning UK consumers.
November 28 , 2019

Opinion: Opportunities abound for international produce in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

John Giles Promar International gives an overview of the Saudi Arabian port city, a "melting pot" of international produce that imports from all around the world.
November 27 , 2019

Opinion: Aldi's banana price is still far from fair

"This is a critical moment in the industry’s history. The Aldi price issue has focused minds, but the question from the world’s biggest exporters is the real one."
November 19 , 2019

Opinion: British apples and pears poised to grow

Sarah Calcutt of British Apples and Pears speaks about the organization's PR campaign over the past two years focussing on the ‘Goodness to Go’ message.
October 10 , 2019