Meet the worldwide horticulture community at GreenTech

The show expects to play host to 11,000 horticulture professionals and 525 exhibitors from all over the world.
May 11 , 2023

Southern Hemisphere season starts for OSCAR kiwifruit

The kiwifruit specialist is now setting its sights on the south and is already busy marketing its off-season fruit: its OSCAR® CHILE kiwifruit and its yellow-fleshed OSCAR® GOLD kiwifruit grown in South Africa. 
April 27 , 2023

Cluster tomatoes, Sorma Group presents a new weighing machine

With this fast, high-performing machine the company provides a solution for automating fixed-weight tray filling, optimising production times and saving labour.
March 22 , 2023

Thrip protection and prevention of excessive humidity: the Santa Rita estate recommends Arrigoni’s Biorete

The agrotextiles, which have improved crop quality and enabled the Mexican production center to reduce its treatments, will be exhibited at GreenTech Americas, Querétaro from 21 to 23 March.
March 21 , 2023

Primland launches its export season with a communication plan aimed at consumers and in support of its customers

Thanks to the strength of its flagship brand OSCAR® on an international level, Primland is expanding its range of kiwifruit in destination markets over 12 months a year.
February 16 , 2023

Pacific Trellis Fruit announces new specialty imported plums

Pacific Trellis Fruit, a year-round grower, shipper, and marketer of premium fresh fruit announced four new imported specialty plum varieties.
February 13 , 2023

GreenTech Americas 2023: Focused on the horticulture industries in Mexico

GreenTech Americas 2023 will host around 180 exhibitors and will welcome 2,400 highly qualified horticulture experts from all over the world.
February 08 , 2023

Primland consolidates its "We are growers" positioning for its new Northern Hemisphere export season

The company is extending its operations into Greece, Italy and Portugal, supporting producers who adhere to their approach.
January 17 , 2023

Key aspects for the conservation of the d'Agen plum export

The demand for D'Agen plums has been increasing year after year, which has led to a significant rise in its production as well.
January 10 , 2023

LIVIE Aims to be the ‘Intel Inside’ of blueberries

An innovative marketing model developed by the Sekoya network will see a quality stamp added to other brands’ packaging to drive repeat purchases.
January 03 , 2023