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U.S.: Washington frozen fruit processor reports 38 Covid-19 cases

It appears to be the Portland area’s biggest workplace outbreak thus far, excluding the healthcare sector.
May 26 , 2020

Agronometrics in Charts: Plummeting asparagus volumes from Peru boost prices

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to volumes of Peruvian asparagus in the U.S. sharply falling, resulting in a big spike in prices.
May 26 , 2020

Analysis: Six major areas of consumption affected by Covid-19

Nielsen says the retail environment that consumers face and the disposable money they have in their pockets to spend will be vastly different from the world they knew pre-lockdown. 
May 26 , 2020

U.S.: Cows may have caused romaine-linked E. coli outbreaks, says FDA

Numerous E. coli outbreaks late last year that sickened nearly 200 people who ate California-grown romaine lettuce were likely due to cattle operations near the fields, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said.
May 26 , 2020

Indian fruit and veg exports plummet by 70% during lockdown

With airlines increasing their freight charges by as much as 166% to Rs 250 (US$3.30) per kilo, trade has taken a hit, exporters said.
May 25 , 2020

Argentine blueberry industry concerned about air freight shortage ahead of season

The Argentine Government has canceled all commercial flights until Sept. 1, which could cause problems for the early fruit harvested in August.
May 25 , 2020

Mexican avocado export value soared by nearly a third in Q1

The increase was driven by a huge increase in March - with exports rising by 56% from US$243 to US$365m - which saw a demand spike as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold.
May 25 , 2020

Analysis: Will Covid-19 awaken U.S. retail?

Ellie Pinto, an analyst at Kantar US, says retailers’ efforts to combat the adverse effects of COVID-19 will set them apart as we adapt to the new realities of commerce.
May 22 , 2020

Japan: Imported fruits in short supply as retailers raise prices

Bananas and mangoes, among other imported fruits, are in shorter supply in Japan as the coronavirus pandemic caused numerous challenges.
May 22 , 2020

Boragen and Dole team up to develop boron-based Sigatoka treatment

Boragen is collaborating with Dole Fresh Fruit Company in the search for innovative and more sustainable solutions to protect against banana disease Black Sigatoka.
May 21 , 2020