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Biden's immigration reform "fundamentally different" in emancipating farmworkers - UFW

The United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation said the bill is unique in granting immediate legal status to eligible farmworkers currently working in the U.S.
January 22 , 2021

Oppy adds Southern Hemisphere grapes to Ocean Spray

Fruit marketer and distributor Oppy has announced a new grape program building on its exclusive partnership with Ocean Spray, the agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer families.
January 22 , 2021

Egyptian citrus exports to grow by 20 percent

The Egyptian citrus season has started well fuelled by strong demand and is likely to see a big increase in volumes this season, according to Vanguard.
January 22 , 2021

Peru's ADEX says trade relations will be strengthened under Biden Administration

According to Peruvian agroindustry exporters, trade relations under the Biden administration will be strengthened throughout his term in office.
January 22 , 2021

Chilean blueberries receive Heart-Check certification

Chilean blueberries have recently received the American Heart Association's Heart-Check certification just as promotion-focused months begin.
January 21 , 2021

India state renames dragon fruit 'lotus' amid souring relations with China

An Indian state's decision to rename dragon fruit because of the original name's "association with China" has set off a storm of jokes and memes.
January 21 , 2021

Crespo Organic mangos start season strong

Crespo Organic starts the 2021 mango season strong with high volumes earlier in the year and with new packaging options.
January 21 , 2021

Brexit impact on produce sector totaling $66 million

With Brexit unfolding, the costs for the fresh produce market are mounting due to the need for new operational procedures, inspections and bureaucracy.
January 21 , 2021

California oranges look good in the long term despite potential problems, industry members say

The California citrus industry reports that oranges have strong sales and a bright outlook despite uncertainty and potential problems
January 21 , 2021

South Africa forecasts later pome fruit season and slightly larger crop

Apple exports are expected to rise by 4 percent year-on-year to 38 million cartons, while pears are due to grow by 2 percent to 17 million cartons.
January 20 , 2021