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U.S. citrus industry responds to soaring demand for juice, fresh produce

Industry leaders told us that "as consumers seek nutritious products high in vitamin-C like citrus", the industry works to fill demand amid uncertainty.
March 27 , 2020

Chilean port workers union demands nationwide lockdown, threatening strike

A Chilean port worker union has threatened strike action if the government does not implement a nationwide lockdown to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.
March 27 , 2020

Total Produce "well positioned" to respond to Covid-19 challenges

The company, which owns a 45% equity stake in Dole Food Company, said on Friday that while it is still too early to predict the full effects of the crisis, it is continuing to trade "satisfactorily, considering the challenging economic environment".
March 27 , 2020

U.S. decision to increase farmworker visa processing praised by industry groups

The fruit and vegetable industry last week became concerned when the Department announced that it would suspend processing new visas under the guest worker program in Mexico.
March 27 , 2020

U.S. per-capital avocado consumption has tripled since 2001

A chart published by the USDA shows the dramatic increase in the supplies of avocados in the U.S. market from different origins over the last two decades.
March 27 , 2020

United Fresh, NGA partner to strengthen produce distribution and accessibility

To maintain distribution, transportation and supply chain operations in pandemic conditions, the partners will make more fluid the flow of fresh produce.
March 27 , 2020

Freshfel urges concrete EU-wide solutions to ensure food security

The European Fresh Produce Association says it strongly supports the consensus among Member State Ministries on the need to guarantee the integrity of the Single Market
March 27 , 2020

Amazon expands grocery delivery capacity in response to demand

Responding to online grocery demand, Amazon prioritizes food items, also announced sanitation and social distancing steps to protect employees and shoppers.
March 27 , 2020

Alliance for Food and Farming slams continued publication of 'dirty dozen' list

Peer reviewed research and a recent survey of registered dietitian nutritionists has shown the potential negative impact on fruit and vegetable consumption list.
March 27 , 2020

'Most of our biocontrol customers are conventional growers' - Chrissie Davis of Koppert Biological Systems

In a discussion about biocontrol in outdoor cropping systems, Chrissie Davis, of Koppert Biological Systems speaks reveals common misconceptions, the growing prospects of biocontrol for outdoor crops, and the potential return on investment.
March 26 , 2020