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Vanguard releases produce industry trends of 2022

Some of the key trends discussed in a report by Vanguard International called “Seven Produce Industry Trends of 2022" were supply chains, covid congestion, increased costs and inflation.
August 08 , 2022

Zespri wins at 2022 Healthy Snack Awards

Zespri’s SunGold Kiwifruit won the Best Kiwifruit at Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Healthy Snack Awards in the Powerhouse Produce category.
August 08 , 2022

European apple volumes forecast flat for 2022-23 but pears set for big rise

Pear volumes are set to rise by 20 percent and apple volumes are expected to increase by 1 percent compared to last year, according to figures released at the Prognosfruit 2022 conference in Belgrade, Serbia.
August 08 , 2022

U.S. pear stocks up 75% on July last year

Both apple and pear stocks were on the rise in Europe too, increasing by 16.5 and 27 percent respectively.
August 08 , 2022

Agricultural Water Summit hailed a huge success, experts call for industry to address crisis unitedly

The event was organized by Yentzen Group and included presentations by experts from the public and private sectors who provided their perspectives and proposals for the best use of water resources.
August 05 , 2022

Inflation reaches organic fresh produce in Q2

Higher retail prices of organic fresh produce during the second quarter of 2022 generated a 3.7 percent increase in total organic dollars but also contributed to a decline in organic volume of 2.8 percent.
August 05 , 2022

Pacific Trellis Fruit expands its team

The year-round importers, growers and marketers of premium fresh fruit have welcomed industry veterans Matt Tanner, Evangelina Kaudze and Shawn Young to the team.
August 05 , 2022

UF study shows why ‘aromatic’ blueberries taste better

Scientists at the University of Florida discovered that the 'aromatic' blueberries contain the right genetic combination to produce the chemistry required for a pleasant blueberry flavor.
August 05 , 2022

Spain's avocado season significantly affected by drought

In Spain’s southern region of Andalusia, drought is costing local farmers their avocado plantations, as well as reducing the production of table olives. 
August 05 , 2022

Copefrut announces its sustainability policy and establishes its commitment in social, economic and environmental matters

The Chilean company has taken on the challenge of knowing, measuring and managing the impact of its activities, thus joining the UN's sustainable objectives and becoming one of the pioneers in the industry in promoting this issue.
August 04 , 2022