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Agronometrics in Charts: Blueberry prices fall in U.S. market

We will discuss the prices and volumes of blueberries in the North American market, and analyze the possible causes that gave rise to the recent sharp drop.
May 11 , 2021

Investors help push Tesco to increase healthy food sales

A group of investors who had pressured Tesco to provide higher sales of healthy food got their wish this week as the UK retailer announced plans to improve nutritious options in its stores.
May 11 , 2021

Asia Fruit Logistica reschedules

Asia Fruit Logistica, the leading fresh produce trade show in the region, has rescheduled to September 2022 due to ongoing limitations on international business travel.
May 11 , 2021

Chile kicks off clementine export season with growth expectations

The first shipments left during week 15, with 573MT of the Clemenules, Orogrande and Oronules varieties having been exported by week 17.
May 11 , 2021

'World's first avocado packing robot' installed by Nature's Pride

The Speedpacker has three feed streams and is capable of processing 240 avocados per minute, using cameras to detect how the grippers should pick up and place the fruit in the boxes.
May 11 , 2021

Annual U.S. food spending declined for the second time in 25 years - USDA

The drop from 2019 to 2020 was only the second time total food expenditures decreased over the last 25 years, the other time was in 2009 during the Great Recession.
May 10 , 2021

Oppy mourns 'legend' Cal Tribiano

Calvin Tribiano, a veteran Oppy sales executive and industry legend, passed away on May 6 following a brief illness. He was 71. 
May 10 , 2021

Western U.S. forecasts large cherry crop

Western U.S. states are forecasting big cherry crops with year, with both California and the Northwest region expecting to harvest some of the largest volumes in years.
May 10 , 2021

World Packaging Organisation joins forces with members to create global database

The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has announced the creation of a database that will contain global data related to the packaging industry such as regulations, safety, technology, and sustainability.
May 10 , 2021

Fundamentals of Fair Trade: Sustainability efforts in the fruit industry

On World Fair Trade Day, interviewed key industry members around the world who aligned their actions to promote fair trade as a marketing alternative, oriented towards a fair and sustainable economy.
May 07 , 2021