Industry Announcements

Manus Bio and STK Bio-Ag Technologies announce partnership to develop and commercialize pipeline of next-generation biopesticides

August 09 , 2020

AgroFresh holds customer webinar

August 09 , 2020

Citrosol launches "most progressive" website in sector

August 05 , 2020

Research results: Nanobubbles increase strawberry yields by 14 percent

July 27 , 2020

Fresh Del Monte Europe highlights its sustainability efforts on packaging

July 21 , 2020

Duda Farm Fresh Foods brings imported citrus to the U.S. for the 18th season

July 17 , 2020

Generation Farms now distributing white and purple premium garlic

July 17 , 2020

Root 24 Farms launches first organic fresh blueberry items

July 13 , 2020

Optimiz launches digital platform to automate fruit traders’ cargo damage claims

Optimiz is the industry's first cargo claims automation platform, built to protect the bottom lines of cargo owners, their insurers and the shipping lines
July 09 , 2020

Grimmway recognizes students through annual scholarship program

July 08 , 2020