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Chilean grape exports to North America down 31.2%

A shortfall in Chilean export grapes has led to high prices for both white and red seedless.
January 07 , 2013

U.S.: FDA proposes new food safety rules and produce regulations

Proposed U.S. FDA rules would shift produce safety from reactionary to preventative, with greater burdens in store.
January 04 , 2013

Prunes gain space in Chilean export portfolio

Chile's prune export values have roughly hit par with their fresh plum counterpart in recent years.
January 04 , 2013

Opinion: traceability indispensable for Chile as an agricultural power

Chile has made strides in produce traceability, but Waldo Hudson Klapp believes more efforts are needed.
January 04 , 2013

Major Spanish citrus exporter faces possible closure

Bad loans to producers have put Spanish citrus co-op Canla on the brink of closure.
January 04 , 2013

Washington apple crop exceeding expectations, says Domex

Domex's Howard Nager takes a look at the core issues shaping this year's U.S. apple and pear crop.
January 04 , 2013

Safeway CEO to step down

One Safeway director has said CEO Steve Burd will be very difficult to replace when he steps down in May.
January 04 , 2013