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High percentage of new Uruguayan citrus plantings for mandarins, lemons

Uruguay's latest citrus survey shows growers' planting intentions to adapt to a new market scenario that now includes U.S. access.
August 06 , 2013

Device monitors fruit en route to export markets

Ctrax will allow exporters to measure gas levels, temperature and moisture inside of fruit containers.
August 06 , 2013

Peru on track to maintain asparagus exports

The first part of Peru's asparagus campaign has put the nation in line to surpass 2012 exports.
August 06 , 2013

Genes determine odor sensitivity, NZ study shows

New Zealand researchers have found genetic sensitivity for four common smells found in food.
August 06 , 2013

U.S. easy peeler supply gap likely, says Greenberg

Capespan North America CEO Mark Greenberg discusses the current import dynamics of easy peelers and Navels.
August 05 , 2013

NZ breeder develops disease resistant asparagus

A new asparagus cultivar in New Zealand could mean fewer fungicides for growers.
August 05 , 2013

New Philippine banana farm to raise production

A Del Monte Fresh Produce Philippines subsidiary has invested heavily in a new banana plantation.
August 05 , 2013

South Africa: Cape Town's "vegetable basket" under urban pressure

Farming proponents have contested a proposed residential development on horticultural land near Cape Town.
August 05 , 2013

Fresh U.S. cherries arrive direct to Chinese homes

A Chinese website is flying in U.S. cherries to meet strong demand for the fruit.
August 05 , 2013

Cold weather benefits Brazilian apple growers

Cold weather during dormancy is expected to bump up Brazil's apple harvest.
August 02 , 2013