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U.S.: Dole to appeal European Union fine

The European General Court has upheld a decision to fine Dole Food Company for alleged anticompetitive behavior.
March 18 , 2013

Dominican Republic: citrus growers struggle to fight locusts

Dominican citrus producers cannot keep up with the costs of fighting locust swarms.
March 18 , 2013

Opinion: the changing shape of Russia's retail market

Irina Koziy highlights the changing criteria and produce buying habits of Russian retailers.
March 18 , 2013

Q&A: a fresh look at food security and ag development

The United Nations' Kostas Stamoulis talks about food stability and lessons learned from Latin America.
March 18 , 2013

Season kicks off for Spanish "Cherries Glamour"

Oscar Ortiz explains the development of a unique cherry brand in a lucrative market window worldwide.
March 15 , 2013

European produce consumption "stagnating", Freshfel report shows

European produce consumption has fallen in recent years but some countries have bucked the trend.
March 15 , 2013

NZ kiwifruit merger gets shareholder vote

Shareholders in two NZ operators have approved a merger to create the country's largest postharvest company.
March 15 , 2013

East African farming gets European Union support

The EU has granted US$1.8 million to benefit East African agricultural development.
March 15 , 2013

AgriNurture puts vote of confidence in Philippine banana sector

Philippine company AgriNurture plans to expand its banana offering to global markets.
March 15 , 2013

The Hass Horn: second quarter U.S. avocado supply outlook

Avi Crane reveals his expectations for different avocado suppliers in North America this quarter.
March 14 , 2013