November 27, 2015 / Week N° 48

Brazil aims to export niche banana variety

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February 20th, 2013

A Brazilian fruit group aims to export a popular local banana variety called “Prata” this year, with the first trial shipments bound for Europe expected in June. Abanorte _ banano prata

Abanorte executive director Ivanete Pereira told the smaller banana represents around half of Brazilian production, and is well-liked for its sweetness, consistency and slow oxidation, which means it can be kept fresh for longer.

“Export work with the Prata banana is just starting. We are working with two regional universities that will help us improve the logistics technology that the fruit requires for the trip to Europe,” she said during Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

She said the idea was to have the right postharvest techniques in place so that the fruit could arrive overseas in the same condition that it reaches Brazilian supermarkets, which is easier as its shelf life is longer than conventional banana varieties.

“We have importers in European countries such as the Netherlands, England, France and Portugal, who will begin to import test volumes at the start of June.”

Pereira clarifies the industry does not intend to compete with Cavendish bananas, but to focus on specific markets in the exotic fruit category.

Shipments will be made by sea with an estimated journey of 14-16 days.

Abanorte represents 25 associations, cooperatives, unions and companies linked to the horticultural business, with about 3,500 farmer members.

Photo: Abanorte


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