Chile's ag union 'concerned and annoyed' with govt inaction -

Chile's ag union 'concerned and annoyed' with govt inaction

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Chile's ag union 'concerned and annoyed' with govt inaction

The Chilean Government formed two working groups earlier this year to address the problems facing the agricultural industry, with the goal of forming policy solutions. Months on, National Agriculture Society president Luis Mayol told newspaper La Tercera the sector was still waiting for an outcome.

Mayol said the working groups reached a consensus that electricity tariffs were too high during the intense harvesting months of April and May, yet no measures to address the issue have been taken.

SNA president Luis Mayol

"When they gave the reports of these commissions, they said in March they would be in execution or various measures that were necessary to correct problems would be implemented," he was quoted as saying.

"This was stated by the Minister of the Economy. We are in April and we still don't have any knowledge of enactment of concrete measures.

"20 days ago we had a meeting with the President of the Republic (Sebastian Piñera) in the CPC (Trade and Production Confederation), where I put straight to the President our concern about this issue and pointed out that he had to give a sense of urgency to the measures.

"The President was absolutely in agreement. I have understood that they are working on some measures, but there's still no news about the measures and what they would propose or apply."

He told the newspaper the Central Bank had done tremendous work to assist the competitiveness of the dollar, but more could be done, and there was no sense of urgency from the government.

"There is concern and some annyance. Now we're forging an illusion, as for many years we've worked on proposals that did not materialize."



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