Argentina expects 10% rise in blueberry production -

Argentina expects 10% rise in blueberry production

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Argentina expects 10% rise in blueberry production

The Argentine blueberry industry is on track for a 10% rise in production this year but new strategies are needed to adapt to market changes, website reported.

Tucumán blueberry producer Francisco Estrada told the website there were many challenges facing the industry, while growers would continue to watch how global economic events unfolded and whether this affected consumption.

"If we reach good levels of production we will have some chance of continuing to subsist," Estrada was quoted as saying.

"We are financially stretched, which is an issue that needs an immediate resolution. Funds mainly come from loans - rising costs in dollars have also got us in check.

"Between the revaluation of wages and inflation, which is advancing at a faster rate than the price of fruit in dollars, are issues that we are choking on year after year, but what's the way out? Not incurring the higher financial costs and increasing our production levels, allowing us to gain competitiveness and anticipate our blueberry production."

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