Two detained in Peruvian asparagus cocaine seizure

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Two detained in Peruvian asparagus cocaine seizure

Peruvian police have arrested two Colombian nationals for planning to ship US$20 million worth of cocaine to Spain in an asparagus shipment, media agency AP reported.

Anti-narcotics police chief Darío Hurtado told AP the drugs were seized in a luxurious mansion in Santa María de Huachipa, Lima Province, hidden in 900 cans of conserved asparagus.

"The drugs were going to the island of Mallorca in Spain, where a kilo of cocaine can cost between US$40,000-50,000," Hurtado was quoted as saying.

The story reported traffickers had made the most of Peru's status as the world's most important exporter of the vegetable.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Peru produces 325 metric tons (MT) of cocaine annually.

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