Argentina: Wish Farms expects blueberry volumes to double -

Argentina: Wish Farms expects blueberry volumes to double

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Argentina: Wish Farms expects blueberry volumes to double

Florida-based Wish Farms has announced its upcoming Argentina blueberry program is projected to double in volume over last year, with high expectations for fruit quality. IMG_1513

The grower and year-round supplier of strawberries and blueberries said the Argentine blueberry season would span from the beginning of October to the end of November, transitioning 'perfectly' into the Chilean season.

Although there will be a light trickle of fruit beginning in early September, the first significant volume out of Argentina will be around the first week of October.

"Our blueberry team continues to focus on steady, controlled growth," Wish Farms director of blueberry operations Teddy Koukoulis said.

"This season, our new partnership with a significant grower, helps solidify our Argentina program and stabilize volume for our customers."

Wish Farms estimates it will be marketing close to 1.5 million pounds of Argentinean blueberries, much of which is grown under hoops providing protection from inclement weather.

"The majority of our Argentina crop will be grown under tunnels, providing cover and protection from weather elements such as rain, frost, and hail," executive vice president JC Clinard said.

"Rain can cause a serious interruption to the Argentina blueberry harvest. The hoops protect us in these circumstances and ensure our customers have a consistent supply of quality berries."

The company said that leading up to the season, weather in Argentina had been very favorable with adequate chill hours and no harsh weather events. As a result, fruit quality and volume is expected to be 'excellent'.

Photo: Wish Farms

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