Australia: Pre-packaged lettuce linked to salmonella outbreak -

Australia: Pre-packaged lettuce linked to salmonella outbreak

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Australia: Pre-packaged lettuce linked to salmonella outbreak

An Australian company has voluntarily recalled its pre-packaged lettuce products after the Victorian Department of Health reported there had been 28 cases of salmonella this year, with lettuce as the common source.

In a release, the Produce Marketing Association A-NZ and Fresh Produce Safety Centre technology manager Richard Bennett said the outbreak was unexpected due to stringent food safety protocols, but that was little comfort to those who have become ill due to the contamination.

"The grower involved – Tripod farmers – and retailers such as Coles and Woolworths have well developed traceability and recall capacity and have been able to identify affected product and swiftly undertake a recall of unsold product," the release said.

"It’s now important that consumers heed the advice of health authorities and either discard the product or return it to the place of purchase."

The PMA said industry would be involved with health authorities in undertaking a full review of the circumstances of the outbreak to identify probable sources of the contamination.

Vegetable and potato grower body Ausveg said it was also working with authorities in the wake of the announcement.

"The Australian vegetable industry is committed to ensuring that food recall incidences are handled swiftly so that consumers can have confidence in their vegetable produce," said the group's national manager of scientific affairs, Dr. Jessica Lye.

"The Victorian Department of Health has advised consumers not to eat the prepackaged food products in question, indicating consumers should either return them to their place of purchase for a refund or throw it out.

The production facility itself has undergone a full and thorough decontamination.



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