Today's Headline

Panama Canal drought causes slot reductions and extended shipping delays

Pacific-to-Atlantic (northbound) transits showed a sharp rise in wait time in November for ships without reservations, coinciding with cuts to reservation slots. 
December 04 , 2023

Jalisco avocado growers preparing for the Super Bowl amidst a “positive export season”

Jalisco has increased its production volume constantly every year, which is why the state’s growers have a very aggressive expansion plan and expect to keep increasing export volumes. 
December 01 , 2023

U.S. remains leading market for Chilean citrus

The U.S. market imports 98% percent of Chilean clementine production , 93% of mandarins, and 91% of oranges.
November 30 , 2023

Peruvian blueberry prices up 55% in the U.S. over 2022

The Peruvian blueberry campaign started early in week 18 this year due to weather conditions, and in week 43 it reached its highest price of $8.50 per kilogram. 
November 29 , 2023

California’s extreme weather and walnuts 

This year’s record rainfall in the state has been very positive for walnut trees, leading to historical projections for the crop which is expected to reach 790,000 tons. 
November 28 , 2023

Argentine soft citrus seeks to re-enter U.S. market

Federcitrus President José Carbonell tells that, while politics shouldn’t be involved in the matter, the “inexplicable” character of the ban has led them to view the issue more as a “political decision” than a regulatory problem.
November 27 , 2023

Q&A: Growing avocados in containers becoming more popular in Mexico

This plantation form consists of growing avocados in a small area, pushing for sustainability and making it more economical and environmentally friendly. 
November 24 , 2023

Chilean grape industry reacts to California’s opposal to Systems Approach

The California industry is encouraging USDA Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to permanently abandon approval, deeming it a "risky proposal".
November 23 , 2023

Big opportunities for walnuts in India

One of the main reasons for the increase in consumption in the last few years is the trend towards healthier foods in India.
November 22 , 2023

Chilean grapes regaining steam given lower market supplies

With tighter supplies from California and Peru, the sector remains optimistic as it projects a 5.2% volume increase year-on-year.
November 21 , 2023