Carb substitutes: Avocado as the bread in the burger?

July 29 , 2016

First it was cauliflower rice and portobello mushroom buns, but now a new carbohydrate-replacing idea with avocados has caught the public's eye on Instagram.

Avocado promoters the world over have gone to great lengths encouraging consumers to put the fruit on their bread, but what about using avocados instead of the bread?

Food blogs and magazines have been giving their two cents on an innovative recipe from Instagram user Fooddeco, which is from a Dutch recipe website While it might be far-fetched for day-to-day use, we still think it's a fantastic concept. What's your take?

But the creativity on Fooddeco's Instagram page does not stop there. See below for more beautiful recipes including avocados and other produce items.

Oscar Party Snack - Avocado Fries with Homemade Chorizo Mayo! #oscar #snack #oscar2016 #noleftovers ?

Una foto publicada por F O O D D E C O (@fooddeco) el

Good Morning #homemade #morningboost #fooddeco #bananagarden

Una foto publicada por F O O D D E C O (@fooddeco) el


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