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Washington Apple Commission hires new president

Michael Schadler will assume the position in September 2024 and work closely with the WAC international marketing team to develop and implement strategies for the Commission’s promotional programs in foreign markets.
June 17 , 2024

California avocado crop estimate increased to 250 million pounds

About 60% of the crop has been harvested, meaning there is about 40% still maturing and sizing on the trees.
June 17 , 2024

Tommy Atkins leads mango shipments to the US

Currently, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Southern Sinaloa are harvesting and/or packing mangos in Mexico.
June 17 , 2024

Chilean citrus is on a good footing

The United States is a key market for Chilean citrus; on average 80% is destined for the U.S.
June 17 , 2024

The largest collection of strawberry varieties in the world is in Poland

The Truskawkowe Inspiracje project will offer a meeting on July 6 where visitors can can see, taste, and evaluate the strawberries. 
June 17 , 2024

New study looks to genetics to slow banana ripening process

Scientists found that genetic regulators such as MabHLH28 could hold the key for better postharvest handling of fruits.
June 17 , 2024

Tesco posts 3% sales increase in Q1

Tesco Chief Executive Ken Murphy said the company recently launched more than 100 new own brand products, which aim to help customers “celebrate a great summer of sport.”
June 17 , 2024

Northwest cherry growers anticipate a good season

The peak of the season will be the week before the Fourth of July, with the end of June marking the beginning of this peak period.
June 17 , 2024

Chiquita found liable in paramilitary financing case

The company is slated to pay $38.3 million in damages.
June 16 , 2024

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June 15 , 2024