Puerto Rico's banana, papaya fields damaged by Hurricane Irma

September 07 , 2017

Puerto Rico's secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Carlos Flores Ortega, and his team headed out this morning to start assessing damages in the wake of Hurricane Irma, website Metro.pr reported.  

The story reported Flores saw "partial damages" to crops, mainly in plantains, bananas and papayas, and he spoke with growers who said the southern part of the island didn't receive as much rain as the rest of Puerto Rico.

"It will be hard work as there are areas that had heavy damages, partial damages, and some farms that thanks to God didn't have damages," he was quoted as saying.

"Work has to be done farm by farm and in the field. The dairy, meat, egg and poultry industry don't show serious damages," he told the publication. 

Flores Ortega is expected to continue assessing damages in the central part of the island where coffee and citrus fruit are the main crops. 

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